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Amanda Humann


How to pronounce my name: Uh-man-duh Hyoo-muhn.


That's right, just how it looks. My last name is like the word "human" but with an extra "n" that is silent. Like an "n" ninja. Sneaky.

I like being around other people with the same interests:

Current Memberships:


Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators

National Geographic Society

Woodland Park Zoological Society

Seattle Aquarium




Word stuff, art stuff--Humann Touch Creative is in the business of creating stuff.  


I'm Amanda Humann, a "multi-creative" content developer who leverages her talents to meet client needs for words, illustrations and designs. Did you fall asleep just now?  Yeah, me too, so I usually tell people that I create stuff-mostly stories and art. When I'm really lazy, I just say I'm a writer/illustrator. Bottom line: I make creative stuff with a Humann touch.


In addition to writing and drawing, I love bright colors, the changing of the seasons, cooking, games, puzzles and the natural world. And candy. And giant squid, Halloween (actually all holidays), passionfruit, mangroves, soccer, the dark, warm fluffy blankets, karate, echidnas, spies, the number eight, pandas, blank paper, the deep ocean, dragons, hockey, rainforests and robots. And candy.


I accept client work in several different markets, but specialize and prefer to work in youth/children's markets, or do some combination of the things I love, like write challenges for a family food game, draw illustrations to go with puzzles, or create recipes for kids. I also develop my own projects.  And yeah, I have this thing with candy.

Past Memberships:


Pacific Northwest Writers Association

National Puzzler's League

International Cake Exploration Society

The Smithsonian Institution

Pacific Science Center

World Wildlife Federation

The Yellowstone Association

Zoological Society of San Diego

Maui Ocean Center

The Burke Museum at the University of Washington

Frye Art Museum



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