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What stuff can I make for you?


I provide services for a variety of creative needs ranging from web content and spot illustrations to full manuscripts, complete picture books, and large format wall art/murals. I also produce fine art and other creative products. Peruse the portfolio under the "Stuff I Created" tab above to see some of my work.


Queries can be sent to me via the form below. STATUS UPDATE 2023:: The studio is not currently accepting new clients. 



My experience subcontracting for book packagers and game companies means I can produce what you want when you want it, and I am totally comfortable taking editorial direction. Meeting deadlines and working to specification is what I do. If my studio is too busy to give you what you want in the time you want it, I will let you know up front.


I work predominantly in the youth market, writing for all levels from picture book readers to young adults. As a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), I am keenly aware that each age group of the youth market is a niche with specific needs. I can produce material at a variety of levels featuring diverse characters, and I even have experience writing hi/lo manuscripts for reluctant readers.


I have written in established universes with well-known characters, but I can also create a new world for you.


Every project I do is tailored by client requirements--there are no cookie cutter projects here. 


Mmmm. Cookies.



I work in a variety of different styles to meet your illustrative requirements. If you see something in the portfolio you like but want a different look, color, style, mood, etc., please do ask. I'm flexible.


I can provide digital output, including scalable vector art, or traditional mediums. For natural science and scientific illustration in traditional mediums, I usually prefer working in watercolor or mixed physical media. 




I also selectively do some graphic design work, hand lettering and calligraphy.

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If you are interested in commissioning a piece of art, I may be able to accomodate your needs depending on studio workload and your timeline.




A watercolor painting of a specific animal to hang in your house.


Original digital art of characters that I own the copyright for.


Sketches of a T-Rex eating your neighbor's car.


Turnaround time depends on studio workload and what kind of art you want. If you want it old school in watercolor, ink or acrylics, it will take longer, and generally cost you more.


Digital art is faster, but if you want it in a physical form, it will have to be printed and there are many different ways to do this with widely varying cost levels.


Recipe Development


I come from a long line of food and hospitality professionals, and I am an award-winning home cook. If you are looking for something new, let's talk.  


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