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Creative Relief: Halloween is part of a series of coloring books.  

Creative Relief: Coloring books for grown ups, kids, and anyone in need of coloring therapy

Creative Relief: Halloween Book

Creative Relief: Halloween contains twenty creepy or cute (not gory or gross, ’cause who needs that stress?) Halloween-themed images to color, including mandalas, symmetrical art, repeating patterns, and full-page art. Bring out your colored pencils, crayons, gel pens or markers and celebrate the Halloween holiday season with candy, bats, pumpkins, ghosts and ghoulies.
Stressful stuff is everywhere.

Get relief - Creative Relief!

Creative Relief coloring books are for kids, grown-ups and anyone else in need of coloring therapy. Even if you aren't stressed and just need a little color in your life, Creative Relief coloring books offer a variety of designs and images to color, ranging from simple open patterns to intricate and puzzling coloring challenges.

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