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New Coloring Book Not a Joke

Nope, it wasn't an April Fool's joke- there really was a new coloring book published on April 1st, 2016! It just slipped between the cracks between other coloring book projects-like the first mandala coloring book and some unexpected client work.

Creative Relief Holiday Mandalas contains twenty holiday and seasonal mandalas to color with varying line widths and amounts of detail. If all you want is mandalas in a seasonal or holiday theme, this is the book to help you celebrate in color!

This book collects holiday and seasonal mandalas from the Creative Relief coloring book collection together into one book, so it contains images from our other published books. As of the publish date, 30% of the images are new, but may appear in books published later.

Here's the cover for Creative Relief: Holiday Mandalas. It f you want to go check it out, it's available on Amazon here.

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