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Welcome Fall, Butterflies and a New Middle Grade STEM-oriented Book!

Yay! Monarch Mystery, the second book I wrote for the Science Squad series published by Jolly Fish Press/North Star Editions, was released today!

Monarch Mystery, a humorous middle grade STEM-related book is available now!

It blends humor and science and interesting characters all into one book, featuring the mysterious monarch butterfly migration. Maybe you are one of the lucky people who actually gets to witness the butterflies migrating where you live. Sadly, we don't get monarch migration where I live (sighs and sobs a little). Bonus subjects in this book: choose your own adventure style mini pages, tarantulas, and a little bit about Day of the Dead.

From the publisher:

Ever since his family moved to Texas, nothing seems to be going right for Bertie. He manages to alienate most of the Science Squad at the first meeting before they even begin their project. And things just keep getting worse. The other Squad members avoid him, and their project, to catch and tag monarch butterflies, proves surprisingly hard. Plus, something strange is going on with the few specimens the Squad does find. With the calendar counting down the days, and the butterflies migrating farther south for the winter, can Bertie solve the mystery and still collect enough butterflies to release at his school’s Day of the Dead festival?

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