Do Swear Word Coloring Books Count as Swearing for Lent?

Of all the things that some people give up for Lent, swearing ranks as one of the most common. Interestingly, this Ash Wednesday morning on Amazon, the number one best selling books in at least eleven (!) book categories are "swear word" coloring books.

Yes, really.

Swear word coloring books have been around for a few months, but I swear (ha!) sales of them are spiking right now. During Lent!

These best sellers are mostly in odd book categories like "Art, Antiques and Collectibles" (vintage curse-words?), "Arts & Photography Criticism" (I can see how one might look for swear word material there), and "Oil Painting" (perhaps like "He worked in profanity the way other artists might work in oils or clay," from Jean Shepard's A Christmas Story?).

But at least one of these books in the overall best sellers list. It is ranked at position number twenty-one at the moment.

Out of all the books on Amazon. All of them.

I'll let you digest that for a moment.

What is the deal? I get why they were funny initially, but I figured the novelty would wear off. Instead a search for them on Amazon shows 209 hits, and several are best sellers!

My theory? At the moment there are people turning to their coloring books to cope with the hole in