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Gourmet Peep Skillet S'mores

I promised I would share recipes that go with my coloring books, and I finally remembered to take photos of the process. So here's one for the Creative Relief Easter book.

Everything at Easter seems to be awash in pastels, which I do love, but I wanted to do something more in keeping with my usual attachment to bright saturated colors.

Enter the peeps.

Easter peep skillet s'mores

And to be specific, the bunny peep marshmallows, not the usual chick peeps. Chick peeps in our household are reserved for microwave peep jousting.

I saw a recipe last year for peeps in skillet s'more style, and thought that idea seemed good.

Did I say good? My version is AWESOME!

Peep bunnies may have to stay in my pantry all year so I can use them when camping! The sugar coating on their surface caramelizes and provides a crispy cruch when it toasts providing way more mouthfeel than you get from a regular marshmallow.

This is really simple, but there are few things to keep in mind:

-Use bunnies, not chicks! The flat surface of the bunnies ensures that you get an evenly toasted surface, no chick heads sticking out to get too dark and possibly burned.

-Don't go for that peanut butter thing, by the way-yuck-it's too heavy.

-Use a bittersweet chocolate to counterbalance the overly sweet sugar-coated marshmallows.

-Graham crackers should be plain, not cinnamon or coated in some other sweet or flavored coating. You don't want excess flavors and sugar getting in the way- this should just be better quality dark chocolate chips and peeps, applied to your mouth via a graham cracker.




-Small skillet (7"-9") capable of going under a broiler (here in the studio, we tried both stainless steel and cast iron, both worked just fine). For reference:the skillet in the photos is 7.5" wide across the top.


-1 large package of bunny-shaped peep marshmallows- you'll need twelve (12) peep bunnies, but if you want a rainbow or a different color for each diner (not a bad idea- keeps fingers from being slapped over border disputes when reaching in the communal pan) you'll need more than one package

-1/2 to 3/4 cup dark chocolate chips (we used Ghirardelli 60% Cacao Bittersweet chocolate chips) to taste

-Graham crackers- as many as you need to scoop the pan clean.


-Turn on the broiler on your oven.

-Place chocolate chips in bottom of the skillet in an even layer.

-Arrange peep bunnies on the chip layer in a circle with the ears pointing in. Pinch the ears together to get them all in, and arrange them flat so that their top surfaces are fairly flat with none sticking out.

Peep skillet s'mores toasting

-Place pan under broiler for 1-3 minutes to toast the bunnies. Watch it closely, and pull the skillet out when the bunnies are toasted to your liking. Sadly, those little faces melt off in the first few seconds.

peep skillet s'mores fresh out of the oven

If the chips need a little more time to melt, you can always heat the skillet bottom over a burner on the stove at medium heat for a few seconds- again, watch closely, do not let it burn!

peep skillet s'mores make a bunny tail

-Serve with graham crackers for scooping the chocolate marshmallow out like a dip. If you poke the bunnies in the right spot, you can make a bunny tail!

peep skillet s'mores scooped up

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